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Last updated 4:15 PM on 22 February 2018
  1. The Art of Nature and Wellbeing. 21 March. 11 hours. RG02349 This course allows teachers to attend a stimulating visual arts workshop of hands on learning and networking opportunities. The professional learning day includes working with a variety of visual art forms using different mediums. During the day teachers will investigate the links between nature, art and student wellbeing practices which can include strengthening their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development as per the NSW Department of Education and Communities The Wellbeing Framework for Schools 2015.
  2. Geography Outside: Fieldwork for Geographical Inquiry. 27 March RG01920. 10 hours. Geography Outside will provide K-6 classroom teachers with a range of practical ideas, tools and methods for undertaking geography fieldwork in the school grounds, the local area and places further afield. The course will build teachers confidence in embedding outdoor fieldwork experiences into geography teaching. It will examine how fieldwork is a core component of the acquiring step in the geographical inquiry process. Successful completion of the course requires participation in the workshop and follow up activities.
  3. Outdoor Learning and School Gardens. 17 May. RG00410. Practical activities ready for you to incorporate into the classroom. Sustainable gardening, Edible Weeds, Bush tucker, Organic recycling and more.