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Teacher Professional Learning

The Art of Nature and Wellbeing. Wednesday 4 July 11 hours. MyPL Course: RG02349 This course allows teachers to attend a stimulating visual arts workshop of hands on learning and networking opportunities. The professional learning day includes working with a variety of visual art forms using different mediums. During the day teachers will investigate the links between nature, art and student wellbeing practices which can include strengthening their cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development as per the NSW Department of... Read more


Stage 6 Module 4 Ecosystem Dynamics

Students complete the pre work at school and then undertake fieldwork on a rock platform (Kurnell or Cronulla). Investigating does Neptunes Necklace impact the biotic and abiotic factors across the intertidal zone, students collect data to test several hypothesis. Compiling and analysing the data and completing the post fieldwork activities can lead to a depth study.... Read more

sustainability resources

Cross-curriculum sustainability action learning resources

Free teaching resources to support student learning address the sustainability cross-curriculum priority use a student-centred, project based methodology support learning outcomes in: science, geography, mathematics and English provide a structured and consistent approach to teaching sustainability. Available for primary and high school across seven sustainability areas: biodiversity, water use and efficiency, energy use and efficiency, thermal comfort, waste and materials, sustainable transport and kitchen gardens... Read more

Cool Australia 2018 events

Cool Australia highlights environmental events and celebrations in 2018

Cool Australia highlights 2018 worldwide events and celebrations that you can use with your students. Click on coolaustralia.org and download their calendar for more detailed information about these events. Cool Australia have provided various recourses to assist you in your teaching, including lesson plans, worksheets, factsheets and videos.... Read more

Students explore the local area

Bookings for 2018

Make an enquiry to discuss an educational program to suit the needs of your students. Details of Primary and Secondary programs are on this site.The calendar is filling fast so don't miss out. Complete the online booking form and we will get back to you.... Read more

Stage 2 Community & Remembrance

S2 Community and Remembrance

Students will use historical skills and concepts to explore significant sites within the National Park. They will focus on the key inquiry questions: Who lived her first and how do we know? How has the community changed? What features have been lost and what features have been retained? What is the nature of the contribution made by different groups and individuals in the community? Make a booking to bring your class to Botany Bay EEC using the online booking form.... Read more

New Geography programs

Botany Bay EEC offers NEW and exciting programs for: Stage 1: Features of Places Stage 2: Places are Similar and Different Stage 3: Factors that Shape Places Stage 4: Landscapes and Landforms Check for further information and or use online booking form .... Read more

NEW Online Booking form

Click the link to use our online booking form. Botany Bay EEC will contact you to confirm a definite date.... Read more

Guide to using picture books in History K-10

A comprehensive guide to picture books that supports teaching History... Read more

Guide to using picture books in Geography K-6

A comprehensive list of picture books to support Geography... Read more

captain cook

VC for Captain Cook and the Secret Instructions

Students can dress up as a character on board the ship and experience life on the journey made by Cook in 1770. They will observe and draw flora specimens just as Joseph Banks and Sydney Parkinson did when they landed in Australia. Students will consider different perspectives of the characters and the significance of the events during the voyage. For further information: VC Cook Flyer (pdf 490 KB) Dates for next video conferences: 2018 To make a booking click here: https://goo.gl/VOAEFv... Read more

NEW Flyer for all programs

Download to share or print our NEW flyer (pdf 3264 KB)... Read more

Youth Environmental Leadership Summit

A summit to empower student environmental leadership in High Schools More details: Summit Flyer (pdf 462 KB)... Read more

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Penny Hutton

PETAA and Botany Bay EEC Partnership to Promote Quality Literature

Stop the press! The Primary English Teachers Association of Australia (PETAA) has agreed to partner with Botany Bay EEC to collaborate on a unit of work to promote quality texts related to the HSIE, History and English syllabi. Our centre welcomes the input from Penny Hutton who has extensive educational experience as author, presenter and teacher. Her biography can be seen below. Our partnership aims to enhance the provision of curriculum support for our core program at Botany Bay EEC, 'First Contacts', by providing teacher access to a... Read more

Migratory birds are under threat

World Migratory Bird Day 2016

Register your event today to support World Migratory Bird Day | 10 May 2016 Migratory birds are under threat. Each year millions of migratory birds are killed for subsistence uses, recreational activities, organized crime, traditional practice and accidentally in netting and other man-made structures. Migratory birds are crucial for a number of ecosystems across the world. They form a very important role in there seasonal migration across vast distances. They need our help! Register your event today and raise awareness of migratory birds in... Read more

Youth Eco Summit (YES)

19 & 20 October 2016 | Newington Armoury, Sydney Olympic Park The Youth Eco Summit (YES) is a curriculum-based sustainability festival for school students and their teachers. Recognised by the United Nations and the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, YES promotes student leadership and features student sustainability practices. With interactive displays and experiences, student and school showcases, and free teaching resources YES brings sustainable action to life for students in Stages 2-6 Visit the website: Youth Eco Summit (YES)... Read more


Sustainable Schools NSW

Sustainable Schools NSW for some great end of year and holiday ideas.... Read more

Captain Cook VC

Video Conferences in 2015

Botany Bay EEC facilitated video conferences for students across NSW. Students from 139 schools participated in the sessions. The VCs supported 103 schools rural and remote schools. A total of 4464 students attended the VCs in 2015. Captain Cook and the Secret Instructions. Stage 2 students Amazing Ants. Stage 1-3 students Nature Art. Stage 1-3 students Fire Ants. Stage 2-3 students... Read more


Stage 4 Geography and History Fieldwork

Stage 4 History-Geography What Lies Beneath Students from South Sydney HS investigated the site at Kurnell and completed geography and history fieldwork to determine if the site was potentially suitable for World Heritage Listing. They completed field sketches, mapping tasks, designed a memorial and walked the Banks Solander Track. Students reported that the excursion was one of the best they had ever been on.... Read more

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