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Teacher Professional Learning

The Art of Nature and Wellbeing. Wednesday 4 July 11 hours. MyPL Course: RG02349 This course allows teachers to attend a stimulating visual arts workshop of hands on learning and networking opportunities. The professional... Read more

Stage 6 Module 4 Ecosystem Dynamics

Students complete the pre work at school and then undertake fieldwork on a rock platform (Kurnell or Cronulla). Investigating does Neptunes Necklace impact the biotic and abiotic factors across the intertidal zone, students... Read more

sustainability resources

Cross-curriculum sustainability action learning resources

Free teaching resources to support student learning address the sustainability cross-curriculum priority use a student-centred, project based methodology support learning outcomes in: science, geography, mathematics and English... Read more

Botany Bay EEC supports students and teachers with fieldwork, environmental education and education for sustainability. Kamay Botany Bay is the landing place of Captain Cook and the first site of interaction with the Aboriginal people.