First Contacts

A Day at Botany Bay

SUPPORTS : History Syllabus

COST : Contact the EEC

LOCATION : Kurnell

SITE: Kamay Botany Bay National Park

STAFF: Dept of Education Qualified Teachers




First Contacts Flyer (pdf 1098 KB)





  • First contact between Aboriginal and Europeans on Australia's east coast
  • Significance of this unique history to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians
  • Re-enactment of the first contact between Aborigines and James Cook
  • Daily life of Aboriginal people and Europeans
  • Natural bushland and historical monuments
monument and class 


HT2-2 describes and explains how significant individuals, groups and events contributed to changes in the local community overtime

HT2-3 describes people, events and actions related to world exploration and its effects

HT2-4 describes and explains effects of British colonisation in Australia

HT2 5 applies skills of historical inquiry and communication

Cross-curriculum priorities

perspectives of traditional Aboriginal lifestyle are integrated throughout the program.