Bate Bay

Excursion Outline (docx 83 KB)This study will investigate:

  • The spatial patterns and dimensions of the site;
  • Biophysical interactions including the effects of weather, climate, geomorphic and hydrologic processes, bio geographical processes and adjustments in response to natural stress;
  • The nature and rate of change which effects ecosystem functioning;
  • Human impacts;
  • Traditional and contemporary management practices.


The outcomes to be achieved from this field study by the student are:

  1. Explains the changing nature, spatial patterns and interactions of ecosystems;
  2. Explains the factors which place ecosystems at risk and the reasons for their protection;
  3. Evaluates environmental management strategies in terms of ecological sustainability;
  4. Evaluates the impact of, and responses of people to, environmental change.


Bate Bay from Wanda to Cronulla will be used during the field study