Environmental Change&Management

Excursion Outline (docx 121 KB)Students will gather and process data relevant to coastal management of this area.

A major Australian environmental concern has become the effect that development has had and is having on our coastline. The major issues are:

  • Habitat destruction (loss of native flora and fauna);
  • Pollution of inshore waters by sewage, farming and industrial effluent;
  • The damage and destruction of dune systems and the resulting impact on sandy shores/beaches.


Geography Syllabus Outcomes

  • GE5-2 explains processes and influences that form and transform places and environments
  • GE5-3 analyses the effect of interactions and connections between people, places and environments
  • GE5-5 assesses management strategies for places and environments for their sustainability
  • GE5-7 acquires and processes geographical information by selecting and using appropriate and relevant geographical tools for inquiry


Students will measure and gather data at the site. They will create model sand dunes to understand the geographical processes and investigate the biophysical processes essential to the functioning of the sand dunes.