Place and Liveability

Program outline: Place and Liveability is a Stage 4 Geography fieldwork program focusing on the Key Inquiry Question of ‘What approaches can be used to improve liveability?'

Program outcomes:

Students will use the study site to:

  • Locate and describe diverse features and characteristics of a range of places and environments
  • Examine perspectives of people and organisations on a range of geographical issues
  • Acquire and process geographical information by selecting and using geographical tools for enquiry
  • Communicate geographical information using a range of strategies.
  • Develop Geographic inquiry skills including:
    • Acquiring - what is where?
    • Processing - why is it there?
    • Communicating - why care?
  • Answer a fieldwork question ‘How can the suburb of Kurnell be transformed into a more liveable place'?

Key Inquiry Questions

· Why do people's perceptions of the liveability of places vary?

· What effect does environmental quality and access to services have on people's wellbeing?

· How can strong community identity and social connectedness enhance the liveability of places?

· What approaches can be used to improve the liveability of places?